Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Third Grade

I think Third Grade can be the hardest - they get real grades for the first time, they have to take iRead and iStep, the first in a long line of standardized tests in Indiana, there are a lot more expectations on them.  I am not appreciative enough of the fact that my kids are pretty smart and capable and I don't have to worry about them (SO FAR) about academic stuff.  Veronica is so good and smart and sweet I never worry and this year is no exception.  Which is GOOD because for the second kid in a row, their teacher is going on maternity leave during their year! I found with Maria and I am hoping with Veronica that I am more tense about it than they are, Maria did just fine and Veronica will too.  

She is playing kickball, she doesn't really like it but I think it's important for her to stick with it.  She does seem to enjoy it while she's there.  Their first game was kind of a hot mess but - I mean, they only had TWO practices before their first game and at the school where I work they have been practicing since the end of summer break and it was clear that the first team we played had practiced a lot more than we had.  It is hard to always lose but then again, there is no pressure.  I just hope she sticks with it.  She never got on base the first game and she was mad but later she told me, I think I just let my nerves get the best of me, which makes me want to CRY but I didn't.  

Anyway, she's fine, she's moving right along in speech and maybe some day we won't have to go anymore.  We've been doing it for two years, we are all getting sick of it!  

Here are some cute pictures.  

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