Monday, July 18, 2016

Sleepaway Camp

I never went to sleepaway camp, I never even knew it was an option.  I had some friends who went away to camp, up in the Catskills or whatever, but they were all Jewish, and I think I thought only Jewish kids went to sleepaway camp?  Maybe?

Anyway, two years ago, Veronica and Maria went to the day camp version of our CYO camp and today I drove them about 60 miles south of here, registered them, walked them up (and I do mean UP, their cabin is on the top of a giant hill, and left them there, no to return until Tuesday.  They were both wonderful about it, particularly because we found out on Thursday that although they'd be in a cabin together, they were not going to be with any of their requested friends from their school, so that stunk.  I had called to find out if I had a balance due and the girl I spoke with said she was "going to call" to tell me and I just don't know if she would have been able to get to it before I got there today. I was really glad to be able to tell Maria and Veronica in advance, particularly because I, we all, were going on the premise that they were going to be with friends.  Maria was HORRIFIED, but we talked it out and by the time we got there they were being brave about it.  They both knew one girl in there, she is the cousin of one of our neighbors.  I pray that they are going to see some of their friends and maybe make some new friends.  We'll see!

Here's Veronica, sitting on her bunk, the way I left her.  They were getting ready to go swimming.  I miss them but I hope they are having fun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Summer has begun, this week, in earnest.  It's really last week that it started for us but Mike was home from work last week so we eased into it.  On Monday we went to the park for a birthday party and lunch, Tuesday we went strawberry picking and today we went to the Zoo!  My mom took them to the pool on Monday afternoon, she is taking them tomorrow, we went to the library yesterday before we went to get Anthony.  They are not hurting for something to do and that is for damned sure.  They have been staying up a little later, we are still reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, so they sleep in a little later, which is pleasant.  Veronica is her sweet self, she cries and is sad more than I'd like.  She is extremely sensitive, but also a real people pleaser, so a lot of the time I just find her crying and I feel awful because I didn't realize it earlier.  Anyways.  So far, seven is going just great.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Veronica is Seven

So Veronica is now seven and she is almost finished with first grade.  She is a great, great student.  She is a nice and sweet person, I love her madly.  She does, however, drive me bananas with the falling down and the crying that she does.  She gets SUPER overwhelmed by emotions and she can't even talk!  Over what seems to be nothing!  Also she is too slow moving and she never can find her shoes.  But those things are also kind of endearing and what makes her her so I am not complaining.  This summer, she is going to go to sleepover camp for three nights, with Maria, of course.  Veronica is the one who brought it up though.  She asked me, can I go to the CYO camp for a week?  I said I think they have a three day and I think that will be enough and she said no, I'd rather go for the week.  I said it's a long time! Don't you think you'd miss us? She said maybe I could just bring a picture?  And I could look at it?  But anyway she is going for a week, with Maria and with some friends.  I hope it goes great and I hope they don't come back with lice!

Her last day of first grade is Thursday, it's a half day.  She has never had a bad behavior all year, never been below green (ready to learn) on her behavior chart.  She has done really well in reading, math, all of it.  She did a presentation on an animal this year, she chose a wolf.  She told me she wanted to make a "life size wolf" for her creative piece.  I said, how about a nice diorama and she said NO.  LIFE SIZE WOLF.  She had heard of someone who made a life size great white shark from pizza boxes.  So I found a pattern and cut it out and she colored it in and it came out really good.  It's been a good school year.  I'm bullish for the future!

Monday, February 1, 2016


Veronica was in the talent show at school on Friday and it went just great.  When the signup came out for the talent show, Maria said she was going to do something and then when it came time to audition, she cried and freaked out, said she changed her mind and that she had stage fright.  So I said okay, no problem, and I emailed the music teacher and said Maria had changed her mind and she said fine.  Then I thought I was all finished with the talent show and THEN Veronica came home with a notice in her folder that said "Congratulations! You are in the Talent Show!" and I was like, what is this, Veronica?  She said, super casually, I'm in the talent show.  I said what is your ... talent?  Dance, she said.  I said okay but I was doubtful.  Then she went to the first out of two rehearsals which she was supposed to attend and came home saying that she was supposed to go to not just two but three and that now she was singing.  She said she had eaten her aftercare snack and she didn't think it was a good idea to dance on a full stomach.  I am not making any of this up.  So I said okay, what are you singing? and she said Dark Horse by Katy Perry.  Mmmmkay, I said and printed out the lyrics for her.  THEN she changed it to Roar by Katy Perry and that's what it stayed.  I saw a rehearsal last week, the last one, because I had to stay with the other girls and wait for Veronica before we got Anthony, and she almost didn't rehearse.  She was trying to change her song again and her teacher smartly told her that the program was already printed, so Veronica rehearsed it and then Friday they did the talent show for their school.  Her teacher sent a general type email Friday afternoon and I couldn't take it, I wrote her back and asked if Veronica had actually performed and said YES, she had and it went really well so I was massively relieved.  Mike couldn't go because he stayed home with Anthony and Felicity but Marta and her family went and Laura and I went and she did really well.  It was all super cute, they all did a great job.  I'm glad she did it and I'm glad it's over!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Program

Veronica was super excited about her Christmas program today.  I couldn't go but she was singing a super cute song and she's been practicing in the car for a while.  This was the third dress she chose this morning, and I think she came out looking great.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Did I say both girls want - I mean both older girls - iPod Touches for Christmas? They love taking pictures and making videos and texting us.  I think maybe they are young but maybe not Maria? And Veronica has to get what Maria gets.  I told them that maybe it would be a good to share one and they both said NO.  I said well it's probably going to be the only gift you get because it's expensive and they said okay! Anything not to share, and that's more from Veronica than Maria.  Not that she's not a good sharer, in fact, the opposite - she knows she would end up never having it.  Anyway, I think that's all we are getting them.  I forget what my point was.  She is finished with this round of gymnastics, she and Maria are doing yoga, and she is going to be in the talent show.  I asked her what she was doing in it and she said "dancing".  I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I don't have any favorites but I will tell you what, Veronica is so good and sweet she kills me.  She is doing so great in school, she never gets in trouble.  She has started gymnastics and it's challenging, she gets "tired of" doing things "over and over" but she's doing well.  To keep us from having favorites, she is HORRIBLE in the morning, hates to get up, cries at the drop of a hat, etc.  But most of all she is WONDERFUL.

Here's some pictures!

On Monday, Thursday and Friday, I work at my school and on Tuesdays I go to the girls' school.  I volunteer for recess and then later I volunteer in the library.  I know it won't be so many years before they are NOT thrilled at the thought of me working around them, so I am taking advantage.  Anyway, here's Veronica and some friends at recess.
I'm happy but I'm sweating, she told me, right before I took this picture.  She does really like gymnastics, but she doesn't love hard physical work.  She's getting there!
School picture, first grade.  I don't even know what to say about this.  It is the most Veronica picture I have ever seen, just perfect.
Tough guy.
At Bed Bath & Beyond a few weekends ago.  She was on clearance, so I'd take her home, I told her.