Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 10 of Lent

I wrote the following in an email to Veronica's kindergarten teacher today:

I just wanted to send a quick note to say that Veronica spent a lot of this weekend READING to both me and my husband and we are amazed at how well she is reading!  She is very quiet about it, we almost didn't realize she was doing it at first!  When Maria learned to read, she was much louder about it, ha!  Anyway, you are working wonders with her and we appreciate you for it!  Have a great day!

Veronica is so cute with the reading, and so quiet.  She sounds out everything, she'll try every word, just like she does with food, ha!  Mike thinks she is really smart, and I figure he ought to know!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 6 of Lent

Veronica is so, so sleepy in the mornings and she is also, if it's possible, EXTRA sensitive.  This morning I carried her into my room, where they get dressed because Felicity is (sometimes) still sleeping in their room, and laid her on my bed, where Maria was sitting.  Maria got her feelings hurt because Veronica "hit her with her knee right in the FACE!", which was just not true.  Veronica may have grazed Maria's face while she was sleepily rolling over but I was RIGHT THERE and that's it!  So I was kidding and I said oh yes, she hit me with her face and then she got a baseball bat and hit me in the head!  And then she laughed at my pain!  Mike and I were joking and even Maria got a little bit of a smile and then I looked at poor old Veevsy Voo and her bottom lip was quivering away. I had to apologize and hug her twelve times before we could move on.

She is sensitive but not to the point where it causes her problems.  When she was littler, I worried that it would, like, impede her progress in life, but now I really think she  is okay.  I hope I am not messing her up by recognizing that she is so sensitive, but I just can't tell her to toughen up, not yet.  She still seems really little, to me.

Another good thing about Veronica is that her hair is just getting ridiculously gorgeous.  It's getting thick, even!  It gives me great hope for Felicity, ha!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 2 of Lent

One of the things that I am doing for Lent in a not-giving-stuff-UP kind of way is to think and speak about my children in a nicer way.  Lord knows I can complain about them enough, so I am bringing back the What's So Great About InsertChildsNameHere for Lent.

What's So Great About Veronica?

  • I love her name so much, and she is just a perfect little Veronica.  I love the way she says it and despite the fact that sometimes people call her Victoria, it's still exactly right.  Even Felicity, who calls Maria Ramira and Anthony Ankony says it exactly right.  
  • She is doing really well in school!  She is learning to read and is so cute about it.  Does that say "Junie B. Jones is in the first grade"?, she'll ask, all slyly and adorably.  
  • She gets what she wants even though she is not the loudest of our kids.  Maria has a friend who just likes to play with one friend at a time and Veronica loves this girl.  If Veronica even gets a WHIFF of Maria going to play with her, that old slow moving individual gets dressed in a FLASH, and hooks herself right to Maria, forcing her to take her.  
  • She is so sweet and cuddly.  She is a real lover, and has been like that her whole little life.  
  • Her hair, once so sparse and ... well, not there, has really come in nicely.  It gives me hope for Felicity's hair, ha!
  • She's so funny.  Last night she and Felicity were playing pretend and she told me that Felicity was the webel (rebel), she nevah did what her parentses said to do, but Veronica was the wulah (ruler), she always did exactly what she was supposed to do. 
  • This isn't great, but she is sick today, poor thing and she is an excellent patient.  She woke up throwing up, but the other five times she's thrown up, she's been super neat about it.  As the person who would have to clean it up otherwise, I think it's the best thing about her, today!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to School

Today I dropped off Maria and Veronica at school, where they haven't been since December 19 or some horrible thing.  They were glad to go back and I was glad to send them back, win win!  Veronica had a nice Christmas, she got a new bike and a new scooter, to replace the ones that she lost this year from car accidents.  She is definitely not the squeaky wheel in our house (only two guesses who is) so we tried to get her what she wanted.  Her favorite gift was something I bought late and put in her stocking, and that was fake glasses.  I gave them to all the girls but Veronica definitely liked them the most.  Here's a cute picture!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Are all kids this weird or is it just Veronica? I mean, I think her getting her air out thing is distinctly her but she is a whackjob in other ways.  Last night Felicity didn't want to go to sleep in her bed, she is sick with a viral upper resp. something and she has been MISERABLE.  Anyway, we were downstairs with her sleeping on the couch and then Mike said that he'd sleep downstairs with Felicity and I could go upstairs and try and rest, we had both slept about two hours the night before, so we were trying anything.  Anyway, I went to bed at 9:30 and at 11:30 Veronica was screaming and crying in her room.  At first I thought it was Felicity so I figured Mike could deal with her but then I thought why is he not?  I was so, so out of it, so beat.  Anyway, I figured out it was Veronica and I went to get her and I rushed her into my room, and she was coughing and coughing, so I got her some water and tried to settle her down, her nose was running and she was freaking out about it, so it took a while.  Honest to God, I want to say, call me when you have some *real* problems, I mean, a cough?  Do you want some cough medicine? I said, and she said NOOOOOOO!  (cough cough cough).  God helps those who help themselves, I told her, ha! No I didn't but only because I just now thought of it.  Anyway, at one point she had to cough but I guess she didn't want to bug me, so she ran out of my room, slammed my door, ran into her room, slammed HER door, (Maria was sleeping in there, FYI), and then coughed like Camille and then came back to my room, slamming the two doors again.  Then she jumped up on my bed and knocked the cup of water on it, making it necessary for me to change the fricken fracken sheets there at midnight or whatever it was.  But I can't say anything like hey! why in the hell are you running from room to room, STOP IT! because then she will cry Real Tears and then she will choke and cough more.  Anyways, I got her some Zarbees and made her take it - I mean, I didn't pour it down her throat but I would have and even though she kept going ON and ON about how she didn't like it, she took it.  It's medicine, I said, you're not supposed to like it but presumably we will ALL like it if you stop that infernal coughing.  She took it and lay down and by then Felicity was screaming so I went downstairs where I found poor Mike sleeping on the floor, because three-foot-tall Felicity had the big couch, so I sent him upstairs and stayed downstairs with her.

Mike said she was up a few times, but mostly she slept all night and today she is much better.  She was kind of wheezy so I took her to the Minute Clinic but she was clear as day once we got there and both she and Felicity pointed to the Perfectly Happy Face on the chart when they were asked how they felt.  So she is better, I guess.

She got a new (to her) bike for Christmas, and a scooter, both her bike and scooter got hit by cars in the driveway this summer so they had to be replaced.  She and Maria and Felicity got a Barbie Dream House and they all really like it.  Veronica is an excellent pretender, she will say to Maria, holding a doll, "Mom?  Want to make some of your delicious cookies?" and Maria will say, holding another doll, "I am not your mom and I hate cookies".  Maria doesn't understand the Rules of Improv I guess, sheesh.  But Veronica presses on, ever optimistic.  I got them all these fake glasses for their stockings and Veronica has worn hers practically every minute since, she is super cute.  Super cute and super weird.

Monday, November 3, 2014


Just like ten days ago, we had the girls' fall break and just a week ago, we went to a local park and I took this picture of Veronica:

Isn't that crazy?  Now it's pretty cold and we froze our heads off at Halloween trick or treating on Friday, ugh boo, it was awful!  AWFUL!  

We had a fun fall break, poor Felicity was sick on their first day off so we had to hang around home and Maria and Veronica were mad that we couldn't go to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center but what can you do?  On the second day of break, I took Veronica and Maria (and Charlie and Maddy) to see Sleeping Beauty at our local dinner theater.  They do a very cute thing for kids' shows, it only costs $15, and they have a snack of rice crispy treat and a juice box.  It was cute and we all went out to lunch afterward.  On the Monday, the last day of fall break, is when we went to the park, as pictured above.  So it was okay.  I'm not sorry I didn't take them somewhere overnight, I have liked doing that in the past, but more theoretically than actually.  

School is going good for her, and so's everything.  She is still a great eater, on Saturday Mike made them a pizza for lunch and Veronica ate five pieces.  "Five!", she told me, so proud.  

Here'a a Halloween picture:

Monday, October 20, 2014

First Conference

Today we have Veronica's first parent/teacher conference, which at the girls' school is child-led, which, ugh, is unimpressive to me, but whatever.  Veronica is too quiet and young for her to lead anything, much less a conference about her, but it was fine.  Her teacher seems to really like her and Veronica seems to love her teacher, they had a big hug when we walked in, it was cute.

She is doing well, her handwriting is great and she seems to be reading well for her age, which is to say she reads some 'sight words' and enjoys being read to.  She is so funny - she says "th" like "d".  So she'll say, mommy I know how to spell duh, and I say okay and she says t-h-e and I'm all, what?

She still gets a little sad sometimes at the end of the day, because she 'just misses me so much' but overall, she is doing just fine.  She is right where she should be.