Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 2015

Five more homework bags until the end of the school year, Veronica keeps reminding me.  That means five more weeks for her to be a Kindergarten student, which is crazy, right?  This fall she will be in first grade.  She can read and write and she has very nice handwriting.  One of her homework things every week is to make oral sentences of their words for the week and I can never get over how good and interesting her sentences are.  For tall, Miss Knoth (her teacher) is tall.  For want, My mother always wants me to clean my room.  I can never get over it. Miss Knoth IS tall!  I DO always want her to clean her room!  Anyway, she's impressive.  And she is also adorable.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 25 of Lent

We are in Florida, I took Maria and Veronica to Disney yesterday.  Veronica is a noted non-walker, so I was a little worried about walking and being so busy all day but she was really good.  We got there around 9:00 and got started at 10:00 and stayed until after 6:00.  I did almost 7.5 miles according to my Fitbit which means that they did too and I am impressed that she idd that with almost no crying.  I had to hold her a little but still, pretty good!  Also we went on a roller coaster that I didn't really realize was a roller coaster and she did really great.  Maria loved it but Veronica and I were scared as hell but we got through it and I think she realized that she actually did like it.  She's is strong and brave.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 20 of Lent

Veronica wore a green shirt today to school and they were having Irish Step Dancers come but she was still a little jealous that Maria got to march in the parade.  Next year, I told her, she could go and march, because they only have first and second grade kids in the parade.  Next year will be the only year we have two kids, won't that be fun?

She is so cute and sweet and she is so, so sensitive.  I'm glad that I know Anthony and that I know about sensory issues because I feel like it helps me be more patient with Veronica.  She's so much better than she used to be.  She used to not be able to stand any noises at all, she couldn't go to the movies, she hated hand dryers, she wanted to be all the way out of the bathroom before you could flush the toilet.  Now she can really handle all of it.  She loves to be on me, and it can be a little crazy making, but then I think about how she used to weep before bed because she was just going to miss me so much during the night and I think, well, that's better than it was, ha!

She used to not be able to go to our neighbor's house to play with her daughters because they had a dog, even if my neighbor put the dog upstairs or outside and now she just charges all over everywhere, without barely pausing to think about it.

She has come a long way, baby, and I am excited to see where else she goes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 16 of Lent

Veronica had to do sentences with her words of the week, she is so cute with them I wanted to write them down as a great thing about her.  The words are group, top, could, even and fly.

I am part of a cheerleading group.

I am on the top.

I could not do it when I was four, but I can do it now that I am five.

I have two crayons and that it an even number.

I can fly.

She is so cute, she kills me.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 14 of Lent

Veronica went to her little basketball/cheerleading camp at school last week.  It was the second week for the camp but the first week we went.  I thought it was in March but it actually started in February, but anyway we started last week.

The idea is that they can either play basketball or learn cheerleading and if they learn cheerleading then they cheer on the basketball players.  The older kids teach the younger kids, it's all super cute. Anyway, Veronica and Maria wanted to do cheerleading and at one point I saw Veronica running laps around the gym with another girl, Maria's friend Nora.  Running laps!, I thought, how impressive!  I've literally never seen her run, her hair was flying, she looked great.  Then I found out later that she was running two laps for punishment because she was LYING DOWN when she was supposed to be learning cheers.

Last night she told me she was excited for this Tuesday.  I said what are you looking forward to the most?  She said she loves when "the beep goes off" and they can go get water.  She is looking forward to her athletic event for the BREAK, ha!  At least she knows what she wants.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 10 of Lent

I wrote the following in an email to Veronica's kindergarten teacher today:

I just wanted to send a quick note to say that Veronica spent a lot of this weekend READING to both me and my husband and we are amazed at how well she is reading!  She is very quiet about it, we almost didn't realize she was doing it at first!  When Maria learned to read, she was much louder about it, ha!  Anyway, you are working wonders with her and we appreciate you for it!  Have a great day!

Veronica is so cute with the reading, and so quiet.  She sounds out everything, she'll try every word, just like she does with food, ha!  Mike thinks she is really smart, and I figure he ought to know!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 6 of Lent

Veronica is so, so sleepy in the mornings and she is also, if it's possible, EXTRA sensitive.  This morning I carried her into my room, where they get dressed because Felicity is (sometimes) still sleeping in their room, and laid her on my bed, where Maria was sitting.  Maria got her feelings hurt because Veronica "hit her with her knee right in the FACE!", which was just not true.  Veronica may have grazed Maria's face while she was sleepily rolling over but I was RIGHT THERE and that's it!  So I was kidding and I said oh yes, she hit me with her face and then she got a baseball bat and hit me in the head!  And then she laughed at my pain!  Mike and I were joking and even Maria got a little bit of a smile and then I looked at poor old Veevsy Voo and her bottom lip was quivering away. I had to apologize and hug her twelve times before we could move on.

She is sensitive but not to the point where it causes her problems.  When she was littler, I worried that it would, like, impede her progress in life, but now I really think she  is okay.  I hope I am not messing her up by recognizing that she is so sensitive, but I just can't tell her to toughen up, not yet.  She still seems really little, to me.

Another good thing about Veronica is that her hair is just getting ridiculously gorgeous.  It's getting thick, even!  It gives me great hope for Felicity, ha!