Tuesday, May 16, 2017

First Communion

I consider myself lucky to be Catholic for a variety of reasons, but I especially love being a parent of a Catholic school student.  Veronica has the best teacher, she is really teaching them a lot about their religion and she really walks the walk and I feel incredibly lucky that she is Veronica's teacher when she is making her First Communion.  She made her first communion on April 29 and it was just beautiful.  Anthony went out with his girlfriend so Mike and I both got to go, Mike's mom was in the hospital and couldn't come but her husband came and my sister Laura and it was so nice.  Veronica's godmother Marita and her family were there, and of course Marta and her family, Veronica's godfather Carlos and his son came by later, we had the food catered again and it was perfect, so it was just a nice day.

She was very sweet and completely ready to go, I didn't really have the fears that I had with Maria last year, I was probably a little more easy going about it and Veronica is a person who takes things like this more seriously, so it was a good combination.  Anyway, here are some pictures.

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